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Fine-Tune Your Website’s Performance

Website maintenance is a process to monitor your website’s overall performance and condition. Keeping a website updated, protected, and free of bugs is crucial. We ensure that your website functions at its maximum capacity and engages site visitors.

In addition, we scan your website for vulnerabilities, and the moment we see one, we act immediately to deal with it.

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Web Performance Optimization

Web Performance Optimization (WPO) is a set of techniques to monitor the operations of a website in order to improve the user browsing experience and loading speed of pages. Our web technicians ensure to eliminate unnecessary cookies and reduce the website initiating time.

Website Security/ Audit

Website security is a process that analyzes your web system, including core, themes, extensions, and other infrastructure, for loopholes and vulnerabilities. In addition, our experts thoroughly audit your website through code analysis and error testing to ensure your site is free from threats.

Website Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is the practice of planning, identifying, and resolving the errors present in a web system. Our professionals provide hassle-free access to your website. In addition, our team tracks your site for problems and fixes them, removing the barriers that inhibit the website’s performance.

Highly Advanced

Web Maintenance Services

Maintenance Done Right

Website Maintenance involves the health and performance of your web-based systems. It is about keeping up with your security updates, web traffic, and fresh content and ensuring your visitors are satisfied with their web experience.

We provide essential web maintenance solutions that engage and retain your customers and strengthen your Google and SEO rankings. In addition, we perform regular monitoring that helps smooth business operations and improves user experience.

Cybercriminals can attack your website at any time to steal your information.

We’ll ensure that never happens.

How Our

Website Maintenance Services Can Help You

Boost Customer Retention

Optimized website performance gives a seamless and positive customer experience.

Updated Content

Timely content can boost your brand awareness and maintain customer loyalty.

Eliminate Damage and Repairs

Regular website maintenance leaves no room for costly repairs and security breaches.

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What Our Customer Say About Us


With Prodigy Solutions’ help, we were able to improve the functionality of our website to a greater extent. Their site maintenance service is quite budget-friendly too.
Colin O.
Chief Marketing Officer
Traffic to our website has increased dramatically, thanks to the company’s web performance services. I would highly recommend Prodigy Solutions for its web services.
Jennifer M.
Marketing Coordinator
A hacker attacked one of my websites, and they changed all the content. That’s when we hired Prodigy Solutions’ services, which was the best decision.
Henry C.
Content Marketer
I don’t usually write reviews, but Prodigy Solutions is so good I have to. They’ve been in charge of maintaining my website for quite some time now, and I couldn’t be happier.
Anya T.
What I especially liked about the team was their skills and knowledge. Prodigy Solutions really knows how to get the job done in the best possible way.
Rahul K.
Director of Branding
If you’re looking for a competent company to scan your website for security threats, let Prodigy Solutions be it. They are very good at mitigating website-related risks.
Samantha E.
Director of Branding
What Our

Website Maintenance Services Include

Repairs and Fixes

We remove bugs and errors from your website.

Website Backups

Our team frequently creates a backup for your website.

Site Speed

We identify the factors slowing your website’s loading speed.

Website Content

This includes checking your website content for errors.


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