Video Animation Services

Video Animation Services

Animated Videos

That Beautifully Get Your Message Across

Animated videos are graphics created with moving effects using original designs, drawings, and layouts. It can be done in several artistic styles. Our designers are proficient in the design and animation of 2D and 3D objects.

With the integration of modeling designs and graphic resources, our professionals craft exceptional videos and animations.

Thoughtfully-Written. Stunningly-Designed.

Animated Videos at Their Finest

2D Animation

Creating a custom 2D animated video is an effective method of writing your brand name in the good books of your customers. That’s all the more reason you should consider hiring our services.

3D Animation

Outsmart the competition with our well-written and beautifully-designed 3D animated videos. We create videos in a way that makes it easy for your audience to relate with them, prompting the viewers to take action.

Whiteboard Explainers

Simplifying complex ideas doesn’t get better than whiteboard explainers. Highly effective, the videos we create perfectly represent the ‘less is more’ concept. Consequently, you can make even the most boring topics fun.  

Next-Level Animated Videos

Attract Your Audience’s Interest

And Hold on to It

Video animation allows storytellers to tell their stories uniquely. We have navigated different industries with our expertise lying in the domain. Our team is competent in understanding the nuances that make your brand connect with your audiences.

We ensure to deliver an exact and fulfilling piece of art. Our professionals are available to identify accurate solutions for your business needs. In addition, we possess the knowledge to create videos for a number of industries.

Animated videos have the power to fascinate and captivate viewers.

Let’s produce the same results.

Maximize The

Benefits of Our Animated Video Services

Boost Conversion Rate

Our creative animations engage and inspire customers to purchase from your business.

Improve SEO Rankings

Our innovative animations on your website will enhance your visibility to the audience.

Simplify Challenging Concepts

Our animated video solutions simplify your product functionalities in a better way.

Prodigy Solutions

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What Our Customer Say About Us


Impressed by the animated videos provided by Prodigy Solutions. They have a proper process channel which kept our communication smooth throughout. Their quality of work is remarkable.
Jack L.
Brand Manager
Prodigy Solutions delivered us a perfect 2D animated video for our business website. They handled motion-tracking, drawing, and storyboarding so well. Every detail was catered to with perfection.
Olivia C.
Marketing Specialist
Woah. Are you guys sure you don’t work with Disney or Pixar? Because the animated video I just received is just as good. Color me impressed.
Sam H.
Social Media Executive
OMG. The 3D animated video Prodigy Solutions created for me is as cute as the pastries I sell. I’m in awe of your work, guys. Keep shining like the true rock stars you are.
Maya P.
This is the best whiteboard explainer I’ve ever seen. It has explained the features of my forthcoming PC-repairing software brilliantly. Thanks for all that you did.
Michiel H.
Technical Analyst
English is not my first language, so forgive me for my mistakes. I am impressed with Prodigy Solutions. They created an animated video for my company. It was beautiful.
Aleksandra L.
PR Manager
The Apps

We Develop Become the Talk of the Town

Lasting Impact

Custom-designed videos influence your audience.

Process Oriented

Effective teams and precise schedules drive timely delivery.

Brand Support

Diverse videos assist your brand in outreaching the audience.

Improved Reachability

Our animated videos can creatively spread your business message.


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